Exclusive Recruitment and On-Site Consulting

business meeting

BSI works closely with its Clients to define clearly the positions, the requisite skills and professional qualifications with guidance on the relevant renumeration agreements.

Postings are designed to attract quality Candidates and by definition those who not only match the professional specifications but, equally the corporate culture. We have found candidates confide more readily with independent consultants.

We deliver on our client assignments/engagements through the use of three flexible processes which we customize to ensure the complete satisfaction and success of each client.

  • Executive Retained Search & Selection.
  • Exclusive Recruitment - where BSI is engaged to conduct a Client's seach on an 'exclusive' vendor basis. Fees due and payable after acceptance of offer from the Client to the Candidate.
  • On-Site Recruiting-Consulting - on client premises. BSI liaise with pertinent/assigned client human resouces, hiring management and team member staff to fill specific open positions on an 'on-site'/partnership basis for an agreed length of time. This process offers the client the option to reduce their recruitment costs (both fixed and budget).